Daily Bulletin

Jr/Sr High School Bulletin for Sunday, March 26, 2017


If you are planning to bring an out-of-town guest or NL graduate to Prom, please stop in the office and sign them up as well as get a guest registration form in the folder. ALL completed guest registration forms must be turned in to the office by 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 26th. No middle school students or guests over the age of 20 will be allowed to attend. It is your responsibility to get the form to your guest as the office will not fax any forms.


You are allowed the privilege of including a picture in the senior portrait section of the yearbook. If your photos have not yet been submitted, please send a digital copy to Miss Leytem at alison.leytem@nlcsd.org. Also acceptable are hard copies of wallet size photos that you can bring to​ the high school office. We would like to have all senior photos by April 28th, 2017.
Our criteria includes:
Shows only head and shoulders
Color or black-and-white are accepted
Photos are wallet-size
Photo contains only the student; no props, no animals, no vehicles, no children/siblings
Please contact Alison Leytem at alison.leytem@nlcsd.org if you have any questions.


The National Honor Society is doing Make-A-Difference cards for New London high school​ students​. If you receive a yellow card with your name on it, please pick up two cards from the office and fill them out to send to ​2 ​students who ​have made a difference in your life. After the cards are filled out you can give them to teachers to give to your friend​s​ or put them in your friend'​s​ locker. Please try to stay anonymous and pay it forward!- NHS 2016-17

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